NomoLine® with Luer

Sampling Lines for Capnography and Gas Monitoring with Third-party Monitors

The NomoLine with Luer family of sampling lines includes cannulas and airway adapter sets, allowing for capnography and gas monitoring on both intubated and non-intubated patients. The luer connector provides compatibility with existing monitors that use a water trap for sidestream monitoring. Like NomoLine sampling lines, NomoLine with luer lines are available for all patient populations from adults to neonates.


NomoLine Luer - Split-flow cannula design

Split-flow cannula design

  • Reduces gas mixing, facilitating accurate EtCO2 measurements
NomoLine Luer - Luer Connector

Luer Connector

  • Compatibility with many common capnography and multi-gas monitors in numerous care areas
NomoLine Luer - Cannula

Ergonomically designed cannulas

  • Fit the contours of the face to minimise pressure, for patient comfort
NomoLine with Luer - Unique design sampling line

Uniquely designed sampling line

  • Allows use during low-flow and small sample-size applications
NomoLine with Luer - Star Lumen

Star lumen O2 delivery tubing

  • Allows continuous, accurate O2 supply even if kinked




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Herramienta de ventas

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