Important details, conditions and qualifications

  • 1. You must register by contacting Masimo Corporation at 1-877-4-MASIMO (1-877-462-7466). After you register, we will contact you to determine your hospital's eligibility. A contract must be signed between Masimo Corporation and the hospital facility prior to proceeding. Prior to commencement, the parties will agree to terms for the hospital to acquire and convert the entire facility to Masimo SET® V7 pulse oximetry. To qualify, a commitment for at least 250 Masimo SET® V7 equipped devices must be made.

  • 2. Clinical protocols for comparatively assessing and automatically documenting performance from both devices will be agreed upon by both parties prior to commencement and must be adhered to throughout the evaluation. Masimo participants must have unlimited access to hospital facility during the evaluation period. Only Nellcor OxiMax/N-600x pulse oximetry technology is eligible to be compared for this evaluation.

  • 3. If Masimo SET® outperforms Nellcor in the evaluation during motion artifact and low perfusion, the hospital will complete the agreed upon purchase within 60 days from the end of the evaluation period. If Nellcor OxiMax/N-600x outperforms Masimo SET® in the evaluation during motion artifact and low perfusion, Masimo will pay the hospital up to $1,000,000 towards a hospital-wide conversion to the product that was used in the evaluation. To be eligible for the award, the hospital must complete this conversion within 60 days.

  • 4. Nothing said or written anywhere else shall supersede the contract. Masimo reserves the right to change the conditions for this offer or withdraw this offer at any time without notice. This offer is available worldwide and is void where prohibited by law.